Dr. Nicolas Verstaevel


Associate Professor / Maître de conférences

PhD in Artificial Intelligence from University of Toulouse. My main topic is the study of complex systems with machine-learning and multi-agent systems.

Some keywords: Smart Cities, Agent-Based Modelling, Simulation,  Multi-agent Systems, machine learning, problem solving and complex systems


Past experiences

Member of the Digital Living Lab (http://digitallivinglab.uow.edu.au/). My research focused on Smart Cities, mobility and interoperability of the Internet of Things. – https://smart.uow.edu.au/

The 3Pegase project was founded by the french Occitanie region and involved CHU Toulouse, IRIT, OrangeTelegrafikTelemedicine Technologies and Serena (IMA). The project main objective was to secure and better follow up elderly frail patients when they return home after hospitalization. It involves automatic anomaly detection by analyzing data coming from IoT sensors.

Full time lecturer at University Toulouse III Paul Sabatier. Teaching computer science and artificial intelligence to bachelor and master students.

My research focused on anomaly detection in Smart Building and the desing of a novel machine learning approach using endogenous feedback.

Member of the innovation cell at Sogeti High Tech, and the SMAC team from IRIT.

My PhD activities took part in the context of service robotic. I designed and evaluated a multi-agent approach allowing learning from demonstration in ambient context.

As a member of the innovation cell, I took part in the design and experimentation of a multi-agent simulation platform of collective robotic (G-MASS).